2000ml 1kg Skin Care Gel Type Aqua Peptide Powder Modeling Mask Pack Charcoal Tool Set JBUKSCCGL

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exfoliation/pore minimizing (brightening effect)it makes your skin pure and moist by 1 time usebe fresh and elastic skin with high nutrition.including good contents to strengthen the basics of water light skin.send with Tool set and english manual

-Gel type aqua peptide powder mask(modeling pack)/ its effect is to solidify as rubber becoming gel type after alginate (viscous materials in sea mustard) responds with calcium ion (positive ion). Through this action, it removes all kinds of wastes and dead skin cells and helps to absorb moists and nutritional contents. using aqua peptide powder mask(modeling pack), moist waters should appear from surface of this when using it. otherwise, it is not real modeling pack after using it, you can find moist waters standing on surface of this. -the effect of peptide/ it protects your skin and makes your skin elastic. because its material is material of protein forming you skin./ 1.peptide keeps indigenous function as it is.so it's high function. 2.even though use in large quantities, it's safe. because it degrades into amino acid after absorbed to skin and shows vitalities. 3.amino acid, peptide, protein have characteristic to be combined with water structurally. so moisturizing effect is good. 4. it is so stable as campared with vitamin C and lethanol not being denatured and oxidized by light or heat easily. -Charcoal (for a need for removing wastes in pore /oily skin, flushed skin)/ Charcoals absorb sebums and remove wastes. so it keeps clear skin. -ingredients/ Glucose, Hydrolyzed maize starch, Alginate,acacia gum, calcium sulphate, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Charcoal powder(0.05%), Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, sodium hyaluronate, allantoin, perfume

2000ml 1kg Skin Care Gel Type Aqua Peptide Powder Modeling Mask Pack Charcoal Tool Set JBUKSCCGL

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