AMBAR Natural Micellar Cleansing Essence 4 oz 120 ml HFDMIKRQM

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A Gentle, Water-Free Cleansing Method For Sensitive & Dehydrated Skins - Removes Pollution, Oil & Light Make-UpRehydrates Skin Cells With Viola Tricola + Yucca Extracts. Promotes Wound Healing With Rose Hydrosol & Resurrection Lily Extract100% Non-Toxic, Safe & Gentle IngredientsOrganic / Wildcrafted IngredientsParaben Free, Sulfate Free, Cruelty-free

About AMBAR:

Ambar means “sky” in Sanskrit. Ambar is created by moss. Ambar products offer the efficacy, purity and artisanal exquisiteness of moss luxury skincare, with a more minimal, streamlined approach.

Anti-Inflammatory + Hydrating // Cleanser + Tone + Hydrate 3-In-One

AMBAR products are fabulous multi-taskers. Excellent as:

- a double cleanser

- cleanser on-the-go/post-workout/mid-day pick-up

- hydrating toner

- moisturizing treatment

No longer do you have to choose between advanced dermatological technologies that are formulated with toxic ingredients OR natural skincare that is so crunchy you can make it yourself in the kitchen. Moss showcases the power of beautiful and exotic botanicals AND utilizes the latest in dermatological technology. Their products contain a beautiful balance of herbal extracts combined with sophisticated skin-changing ingredients like peptides, ceramides, and effective but totally non-toxic preservation systems.

AMBAR Natural Micellar Cleansing Essence 4 oz 120 ml HFDMIKRQM

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