Microwave Pork Rinds 6 1 Lb Pkgs FAPMCXDCB

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1/4 cup will make 2 cups puffed. Each bag will make 2 GallonsA real food snack, gluten free, no preservatives or artificial ingredients2 Cups cooked contain 110 Calories, 16g Protein and 0 CarbsUp to a 12 month shelf life Do Not Refrigerate or FreezeIf you are on a point diet - 2 cups cooked will contain about 2 points

Our microwave pork rinds are produced in North Carolina. The best way to learn how to cook them is to put 1/4 cup on a paper plate or paper towel and set the microwave for 2 minutes on high. 1/4 cup of microwave pork rinds will make approximately 2 cups of puffed pork rinds when cooked. Watch them cook thru the window and stop the microwave when they quite puffing. This will be the optimum cooking time for your unit. Let them cool for 30 seconds to increase the crunchy texture before eating. Microwave Pork Rinds are safe to store at room temperature (do not refrigerate or freeze) and remain favorable for 12 months.

Alternative cooking method is to spread any amount on a baking sheet and cook in the oven at 450 degrees for about 5 minutes. Keep and eye on the first batch and remove when they puff since oven temperatures vary slightly.

Microwave Pork Rinds 6 1 Lb Pkgs FAPMCXDCB

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